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Mr. Robot Main Title

For​ my Branding class at SCAD, I was tasked to create a main title open for a network TV show, and I chose the USA original Mr. Robot. I've always loved this show, and thought it would be the perfect show to develop a cohesive visual language for a main title and show packaging.

Independent creation.

The process for this project was thorough and lengthy. It took some serious attempts + fails (or, exploration) to settle on my final aesthetic style. At first I was inspired by architectural photography that resulted in high contrast images. Specifically I was inspired by contemporary photographers Gianni Galassi and Serge Najjar. Both photographers explore unique views of urban landscapes with high contrast imagery. Originally, I attempted to create simple abstractions of similar imagery in Cinema4D, which never seemed to fit with my intended style. 

Below are a series of research and inspiration for this original style. Combining light and shadow to create forms and shapes seemed to be a compelling start. After collecting these, I felt I had a consistent vision to begin developing my main title, but as I started, it still didn't feel like it should. 

This is one of my first completed style frames, combining the themes of light and shadow with a color palette fit for the show. After a few round of iterations, I wasn't happy with it.

I began to think more about how I could make a frame like this more interesting. Some sort of texture or additional elements might make this work. This is when I began to find and collect all sorts of financial and government related documents/imagery. I scanned in dollar bills, found imagery online of financial documents, and with a little circumventing of Photoshop's counterfeit detector, I was beginning to arrive on my final style. Using lines of code as a displacement map over a color shifted dollar bill, an aesthetic style was slowly developing into something I was happy with. Here is an initial (and still rough) exploration. 

And some more color adjustments brought me here:

I expanded this style to include imagery of the show's location: New York City, specifically imagery that symbolizes American ideals: freedom, liberty, etc. which the show highlights as faulty and inauthentic. Through color inversions and deconstructing financial and government iconography, this main title plays into the themes of the show.